If you’re traveling to Novi Sad by the car you don’t have to worry about parking. All you need to do is to check parking availability and reserve a place for your car in the courtyard of our hostel while you’re booking a room. Parking in the courtyard of our hostel is free.
If there is no free space at the parking, that shouldn’t be a problem. Your car will be equally safe on the parking that is only fifty meters distant from us. That is a city parking and daily ticket costs around 1euro. We will gladly help you to park your car there.



The building of Matica srpska is situated just across this parking and there is Nikolajevska church behind it. It is one of the oldest in Novi Sad. Children of Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić – Einstein were baptized in there.
For those that are decided to visit Novi Sad by traveling on a bike we offer a parking lot, too. Your bicycle will be safe in the courtyard of the hostel “Center” while you enjoy your holiday and leisure that our city is offering. Bicycle parking in the courtyard of the hostel is also free.


Parking Smestaj Apartman Novi Sad